Right of rescission

  1. The customer is no longer bound by his statement if he cancels the delivery within a period of 2 weeks from receipt of the delivery. The customer’s cancellation does not have to contain any reasons and can be made in writing and sending by e-mail, mail or fax or by returning the item to Kojaks Power Shop. To meet the deadline it is sufficient to send the cancellation on time to Kojaks Power Shop.
  2. Cancellation is excluded in the event of goods being damaged on installation, i.e. especially in the case of in-house products and spare parts, as well as in the case of products from the motor tuning sector and in the case of chip tuning software after the item has been unsealed.
  3. On receipt of the cancellation, Kojaks Power Shop is obliged to reimburse any payments; the customer is obliged to return the goods received. In the event of an item order value of up to 40 €, the customer pays the costs of returning the item. In the event of a higher order value as well as in the event of returning an item, which has not been ordered or is defective, Kojaks Power Shop reimburses the costs of the return in each case. (Please do not return goods without postage being paid!).
  4. In the event of any deterioration of the returned item through use, the customer has to compensate for any deterioration in value.